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§ Splicing

-       All Cable & Enclosure Types

-       Single and Mass Fusion Splicing

-       Field Connectorization

-       Mechanical Splices

-       Inside and Outside Plant

-       All Types of Fiber (including OPGW)

-       Aerial and “Hot Cut” Splicing also available

§ Testing

-       Pre-placement Reel Testing

-       Post-placement Span Testing

-       Final Testing

§     OTDR

§     Insertion Loss Testing (power meter)

§     Optical Return Loss

-       Testing of Existing Routes also available

§ Documentation

-    OTDR Signatures of Fiber

-    Bi-directional Splice Loss Tables with Span Averages

-    Optical Loss Tables

-    GPS Coordinates of Splice Points

-    Distance Between Splice Points

-    All Available on Hard Copy, CD or 3.5” Diskette

§    Refurbish Existing Routes

-       Maintain Live Traffic by Installing Temporary Cable (as required)

-       Roll Traffic Utilizing “Hot Cut” Method

-       Replace/Repair Faulty Cable

-       Roll Traffic Back by “Hot Cut”

§    Field Personnel

-       6 full time people for splicing services.

-       Approximately the same number of contract employees as needed.

-       Typically “custom build” a crew for a project.

-       Common scenario is United Fiber Optics personnel supported by contract personnel.